Dating multiple women

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Its difficult to tell any of them good bye bc they are all great.

Anyay, you should never spend more than a week with perhaps a few back and forth messages then a phone call to set up a first meeting. Wh T if the first date goes great and she wants to kiss and stuff,,, won't feel right going out with girl #2 after thdt?? If they are as you describe, attractive and intelligent and on a dating site I can promise you that you aren't the only guy they are talking to. I'm sure the same could be true with genders reversed, his perspective was of dealing with women.

When I was looking for love, I often dated up to three guys simultaneously.

I wasn't trying to hit some number in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rather, my goal was simple: to find a guy I could date more than three times, hoping this would lead to a relationship.

Frequently, men would drop out after one, two or three dates.

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With these hacks, you will quickly find that juggling multiple women is a piece of cake. until my second-to-last question, when I asked: “So Edyn, is it true that a guy can get a girl ‘sexually addicted’ to him if he knows what to do? and she whispered, I gotta say, I’m not proud to admit this…

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