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We shared the same circle of friends and always hung out together. LL, I see you took my advice and put up an attractive Avvie!

The first one was actually 18 but he told me he was 23. Would that be the only reason you wouldn't date one? I clearly have no problem with it since I married him!!After you scratch the surface, you'll notice that male models have all the same neuroses and self-esteem issues we all have.All of this can be overlooked though, because male models are just so beautiful.Want to know the secrets behind landing one of these amazing specimens of physical perfection? First off, remind him that he is not just a pretty face.It's a tale as old as time itself; beautiful people aren't that bright. Let the man you're interested in know that he is as fascinating, and intelligent, as the next guy.

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I was just saying if I went out with one and he was always checking himself out in shop windows etc I'd probably question it. on the one hand, I totally get why he is doing it (the money is good, he needs the money = it's a smart choice, and there are worse professions). He is no more vain than any reasonably good looking man can be.