Dating game improv

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Dating game improv

This game requires players to think outside of the box and get creative! If you are playing with only your spouse – it is you vs. Each team chooses a random item for the other team.This can be any household item, a kitchen utensil, a toy, ANYTHING!Two performers do a regular scene, but they can only move their eyes and mouths.During the scene, two "Movers" (Audience Members) can move the performers or their appendages and the performers must go with it and justify it as they perform the scene.The Host starts the scene as if addressing a TV audience explaining the basic rules of the game and introduces the contestant.The contestant asks questions of each bachelor (or bachelorette). After the questions player 4 should guess what the endowments were. 4th player gets to ask 3 questions, and each of the others answers it.

“The Dating Game” is a game appropriate for actors with at least some character experience, and is a fun game for an audience to watch.

Tap the back of the thigh to get them to walk with that leg.

This is a free form game meant to follow an audience interview.

If my husband or I are having a rough day – watching some of these episodes does the trick! Many of the games are simple and with a little help from the Dating Divas can be played right in your own home!

It doesn’t take long to crack a smile or get a chuckle. With a little creativity, and some fabulous company – this date night could uncover some hidden talents you didn’t know your spouse had!

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The contestant is put in the soundproof booth while the audience suggests personalities for the 3 bachelors (or bachelorettes).

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