Dating debate topics

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Dating debate topics

The assignment fulfills several course objectives, providing students an opportunity to (1) demonstrate their understanding of class concepts and readings, (2) become more aware of their own and other’s attitudes and values, (3) practice discussing controversial issues in a respectful manner, and (4) expand their critical thinking skills.

Introduction: In my experience, students enrolled in introductory Marriage and Families courses sometimes struggle in learning to move past their experiential reality of family life to adopt sociological perspectives on families.

Are there any drawbacks to meeting a future mate this way? Jean Carroll, co-founder of the Great Web site, and radio talk-show host Blanquita Cullum stepped into the "Crossfire" on Tuesday to debate the merits of online dating with hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala.

CARLSON: Jean Carroll, I have nothing of course against people going online for dates. But as a general matter, it strikes me that there's something depressing about it because it increases a person's isolation. Go to places where you're going to start meeting people. You sit there, and you know, you get on the computer -- you may think you're talking to some big stud, then all of a sudden he shows up, and it's like, "Oh, my." I have friends who have done that and been incredibly disappointed.

The past decade has seen many men and women irrespective of their age turning to online dating.

This is not just any man but a scientist who claimed there was no evidence for heaven and hell therefore debunked religion.**In my Father’s house are many mansions.

It should carry a killer title, your best photos and some information you want people to know before actually showing interest in having a conversation with you.

If you have a perfect profile, your chances to meet a perfect person online will be much higher.

I have found that integrating “hot topic” debates into the curriculum is a useful method for engaging students in this process.

According to Bellon (2000), using debate as an active learning activity in the college classroom can encourage students to gain increased awareness of current social issues, to develop better communication skills, and to practice critical thinking.

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