Dating clothing using rn number who is miriam mcdonald dating

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Dating clothing using rn number

Another method is to use online yellow pages, such as Smart Pages. S., then enter "New York City, NY" into the area where the yellow pages will search for the business (many apparel firms are represented there). Most fashion labels and brands use social media to connect with customers.Professional directories, like Infomat are also an excellent sources of clothing brands, both from the U. It's a great place to go directly and ask a store or a brand where to find something.

And to make it more confusing, many retailers have their own private brands. Just follow these tips for finding your favorite brand the easy way: The most obvious search is to look for a related website; start by plugging the name of the clothing line into an online search such as Google.There are 4 things the FTC requires you include on your labels which are attached to your garment.These should be labels permanently attached to the garment (sewn in) and not on hang-tags.After thinking about this for some time, I’ve decided to break this up into 3 parts: part 1 – what to say (or what the FTC wants you to put on your labels) Today’s episode is part 1 – what info to put on your labels.I’m writing this specifically for people in the USA, because all the rules I’m going to talk about come from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.) The FTC laws DO apply to handmade items, not just commercially manufactured garments.

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It is identified by a white outer edge on the fabric with a dashed red line.

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