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Dating an egyptian american man

I am an American woman married to an Egyptian man and living in Egypt.

I answer some questions about women's rights in Egypt that were posed to me by an Egyptian journalist.1. I think in general Egypt is about 20 years behind the rest of the world - namely the United States.

Most families would forbid their daughter from doing this.

She is therefore, not allowed to become self-reliant but must bide her time until she can be appropriately married at which time she goes to her husband's house.

Converting to another religion can result in violence inflicted on the man by his family and also to his family by others within the community."Neither of us can convert and having a civil marriage abroad or in Egypt would not work either because we'd both lose our families and we won't be able to live in Egypt freely," she explained.

Usually kept out of the public eye, discrimination against Coptic Christians in Egypt happens on a regular basis.

My boyfriend, who is also an atheist was born into a Christian family," a 25-year-old female who spoke under the condition of anonymity said.

Even though they might not admit it, this practice over time, wears away at a woman's self-esteem.With regards to women - it's 50 years behind the times.While I think women in Egypt have a long way to go to get to where western women are, they are still far better off than women in other Islamic countries.This is in contrast to Western culture that is based on individualism; that is, a value-based system built on the ethics of autonomy.The conflict that an Australian of Egyptian descent is exposed to emerges where practices and attitudes in Western society, which are acceptable and inevitable in a society that seeks only to restrict autonomy to the extent that it could cause undue harm to others, is incompatible with a culture that has conservative values that emanate from an understanding of what is right and proper because of community tradition and divine instruction.

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I seem to get this one a lot, usually during the early stages of conversation.