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Rather than the player character leave on a solo journey at a young age, he (in this case based on Red from ) attends school like any one of us and learn about the Pokémon world from there.Prior knowledge of the Pokémon franchise is very helpful, but not necessary.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻." Despite this, Soos purchases the game to help him get a date but accidentally falls into . Later, Soos ends up throwing the game disc into a pizza oven to save him and his friends. GIFfany seems to perish, but jumps to the game Fight Fighters. GIFfany winking and giving a peace sign with her fingers.The background is purple with three hearts scattered about.

After becoming best friends with your overly-cheerful roommate Megyn Kelly, you can choose to romance “caring and generous” Jeb Bush, pre-med student Ben Carson, Marco Rubio (dsecribed as a “heartthrob” with “perfect hair”), “quiet and serious” Rand Paul, “creepy and offputting” Ted Cruz (whose bio implies the game may actually make canon the memetic Zodiac Killer rumors that have circulated over the last year), and school bully Donald a non-profit, fan-made visual novel that takes you into an alternate Pokémon world that doesn't send 10-year-olds off to fend for themselves.Here, characters from the core series games are put together in a more realistic high school setting.The story will progress in different branches depending on who you choose to talk to, who you try to befriend, pursue as a romantic interest, who you choose to help, and much more.At the core, the game is a social simulator with dating elements.

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It is home to an artificial intelligence (AI) named . Romance Academy 7 (ロマンス・アカデミー・7, Romansu Akademī) was developed by No Life Games and published by Year 2000 Electronics.

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