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When you discover a man who wears tighty-whities, you hold on to him. My husband has always bought me really sexy panties and I am more than happy to wear them for him. You need to dig a little deeper and find out the full extent of this. Joey and Rachel exchange their favourite books to see which one is better.Sarandon played a soap star Jessica Lockhart replaced by Joey in Friends: The One with Joey's New Brain (2001). Richard would love to be with Monica but they're right back where they were and they both know how it's gonna end. Betty und ihre Schwestern (1994) starred Susan Sarandon and Winona Ryder, each of whom later guest starred on Friends (1994). Monica shows Richard how to cook lasagna and they make love. They have a great time together and Monica wants to be with him for real again.Not really a fan of wearing them all the time, but for a hot date or a great night... On this particular forum you are not going to get many responses other than those above (ie: he's gay, etc.)However there are many many less homo-phobic and more experimental minded people on other forums where you will not be made to feel like a freak for being married to a man who made this request.About two weeks ago we were talking about fantasies and my husband seemed really nervous about something but I just asked and he told me that he had fantasies of wearing my panties after sex. I suggest you find another forum, as this one is not going do anything for you except make you feel bad about yourself and your husband.

The story of Monica and Richard I could live without.

Dear Alice, My boyfriend likes to wear my underwear. I actually kinda think it's sexy, but I was just wondering if there was something else going on?

Not just before we have sex, but just all the time. Wondering in TX Dear Wondering in TX, Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you'll think to yourself: "Wait, is what I'm doing normal?

See more » The best part of this episode is about the guy Phoebe is dating who doesn't wear underwear and has everyone see his stuff through his shorts.

It isn't so much the story as the great reactions of all the characters towards it and the awesome word play at the end when Phoebe tries to break up with him.

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