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Dating a graflex speed graphic

The eponymous name "speed" came from the maximum speed of 1/1000 sec.

that could be achieved with the focal plane shutter.

By 1939-1940 the 5x7 format was dropped and the 2¼x 3¼ format was added. Side mounted rangefinder replaced by top rangefinder on 4x5" Graphics in 1955. The Graflex back (usually found on the "Graflex" SLR cameras) was an option on some Pacemaker models. The shutter table of the old cameras with 24 speeds was changed to 6 speeds in this camera. Because there is no mechanism (other than removing a pair of screws) to permit the focusing screen to be removed, roll film holders were made to slide in place and be retained by the focusing screen, just as with cut film holders.

Focal plane shutters were available from the beginning until 1970. Satin black with chrome trim except the wartime model had no chrome. Some roll film holders were made with a "straight through" film path.

In August of 2003, I bought this Baby Pacemaker Speed Graphic, which takes 3x4" film.

All models except the 5x7 have a wire hoop viewfinder with curved top.

Lenses in shutters available as an option in the early 1930s. Has dual focus knobs, metal bed, focal plane flash sync and curved top folding wire sports finder.

Models with a focal plane shutter can use lenses mounted in shutters or barrel lenses (without shutters). There were Graflok back kits made that had a round depression with two contacts for the focal-plane-shutter flash-sync contacts where the peep sight usually folds down. Bed and body track rails were linked, allowing focusing of wide angle lenses within body. These had the supply spool on one side and the take-up spool on the other.

The Pacemaker Crown Graphic, introduced in 1947, was the first model available without a focal plane shutter. This meant that the partially-assembled roll holder was inserted into the back and then the take-up side was assembled from the opposite (left) side.

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