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Coach serial number dating

Just because the creed of a certain bag does not correspond to the paramenters of another handbag does not confirm it is fake. If the bag is made of Signature fabric and the creed says it's made of genuine cowhide leather, that is a red flag.

The materials the bag is made from should match the creed statement, the country where the creed says the bag was made should match the plant code in the serial number.

If the bag does not have a serial number, it might still be real, but it could just be an older model.

Fake Coach bags will often have irregular stitching, breaks or misalignment in the Coach pattern, or inferior materials.

However, it is not uncommon for the mini-signature C collections to be off by tiny bit only on the sides. It’s best to use your own judgement, if it seems like the signature is too off center then it’s best to stay away from that handbag, When talking about the signature COACH pattern, the style will always be the two C’s next to each other in doubles, never in a single row of C’s COACH occasionally comes out with some interesting new styles, however if the overall figure of the bag appears to not resemble one that coach would produce, then chances are it’s a replica.

ie: COACH never made a handbag that looks like the Fendi Spy Bag!

The simplest way in determining COACH authenticity would be to examine the layout of the signature C’s.

Also, you may want to contact the seller and ask for bigger pictures of the bag. The type of lining a bag will have is determined by the exterior of the bag. Signature lining should only be found on leather and suede bags. The counterfeiters also use many legitimate-looking serial numbers but on the wrong style bags or accessories, like -5659 which should only be on a Scribble Tote, -6094 which belongs only on a Signature Demi, -9956 from an all-leather Pelham Bag, and -1417 which should only be on an East-West Leather duffle.Accessories with style #5077 are fake, that number belongs to an Optic Bee Tote.So if anyone couldtell me where I can check the serial numbers, if I can, it would be greatly appreciated.Thank you :) The following numbers will always indicate a counterfeit Coach bag, especially any serial number starting with NT- or TN- : NT-4903 NT-4908 NT-4115 NT-4157 TN-9085 TN-9096 TN-9951 TN-4186 7H-7456 4C-9911 40-8624 In fact, ANY Coach bag with only two letters or one number and one letter to the left of the hyphen can be assumed to be fake, whether or not the number is in the above list ..................................

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Having a serial number does not mean the bag is real, as counterfeiters put serial numbers on their bags as well.

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