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When Christie again denied all responsibility for Bridgegate in an interview with Charlie Rose on Monday, Trump’s frustration grew, the source said.

It’s where the boys are.” As Tamsen Fadal, relationship expert and the female member of “America’s only husband-wife matchmaking team” told us, “New York is like a candy store to men.

Being an au pair for a couple going through a divorce is not a pleasant experience. And your day off might not feel like relaxing leisure time if the children can come into your room (without knocking) at any hour of the day and interrupt your Netflix binge.

If you have a live-in situation, be prepared to feel like you’re never really off-duty. “I am American and I know the stereotypes about fat, unhealthy Americans, but I don’t think I fall into that category,” she said.

get- Yeah, check this old fly shit out, word up Cash rules everything around me, C.

Get the money, dollar dollar bill, y'all Take you on a natural joint Here we here we go, check this shit, yo [Verse 1: Raekwon] I grew up on the crime side, the New York Times side Stayin' alive was no jive Had secondhands, Mom's bounced on old man So then we moved to Shaolin land A young youth, yo, rockin' the gold tooth, 'Lo goose Only way I be gettin' the G off was drug loot And let's start it like this, son Rollin' with this one and that one Pullin' out gats for fun But it was just a dream for the teen who was a fiend Started smokin' woolas at 16 And runnin' up in gates, and doin' hits for high stakes Makin' my way on fire escapes No question I would speed for cracks and weed The combination made my eyes bleed No question I would flow off and try to get the dough all Stickin' up white boys in ball courts My life got no better, same damn 'Lo sweater Times is rough and tough like leather Figured out I went the wrong route So I got with a sick-ass clique and went all out Catchin' keys from 'cross seas Rollin' in MPV's, every week we made forty G's Yo, nigga, respect mine, or here go the TEC-9 Ch-chick-POW! [Hook: Method Man] Cash rules everything around me C.

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They were charged with causing dangerous traffic tie-ups on the George Washington Bridge in September 2013 as political payback for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich not endorsing Christie.