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Chuck liddell dating now

Total fight time: 13 seconds, the fastest win ever in a UFC title fight.Michael Bisping talked a lot of trash to Dan Henderson heading into UFC 100. Though he's eight years older than Bisping, Henderson landed a furious shot that grounded him.Chuck Liddell has retired from the Ufc octagon according to sources close to the story.

Participants will be able to choose whether or not they would like to enter their work in a judged competition. When I trained at the Lion's Den, Ken Shamrock was one tough SOB and could fight for an hour straight! Rampage has an advantage over him and its a pretty good matchup for him. Chuck does have great take down don't meen nuttin' when Rampage can just pick him up and slam him. I can't beleive Randy's win is considered an upset against the WORST heavyweight champ in UFC history... He hasn't really had much to competition lately since his loss.The matchup at UFC 69 marked a changing of the guard after Serra knocked out the heavily favored St-Pierre for the welterweight title.The two fighters battled back and forth in the opening round, but "Suga" Evans scored enough shots to chip away at The Iceman's composure.

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pretty much the biggest mma tournament on the planet as most of you know. Jeremy horn is an exception and look how ling it took for him to finish him off.

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