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They are in essence nothing more than a programmed input-output system.In the most basic form, Chatbots, also known as chatterbots, interact with humans on closed domains via written text.The Chinese messaging app We Chat has been at the forefront of conversational commerce with its more than 700 million users being able to do everything from ordering food, booking a flight or hailing a taxi, all in the app.Facebook recently made its move into conversational commerce by partnering with Uber in the United States to let users order taxis through its Messenger app.Chatbots come in many different forms, such as Dominos automated ordering through Facebook Chat, which lets you order online but in a conversational way; TK Maxx’s Baby Chatbot which gives Christmas present ideas; while more advanced versions include Siri and Ok Google, which are basically digital personal assistants.Research carried out by IBM Watson and Goldsmiths found that in many cases people would feel more comfortable talking to a machine than to a person; 25% would be happier sharing sensitive information with a chatbot than a human; and 26% of people would prefer to talk to a chatbot when describing an embarrassing medical complaint.This may change should chatbots become better at conversation style interaction, but for the time being an overly casual and friendly bot was seen as ‘creepy’ by the participants.The role of chatbots will become increasingly bigger in the modern world as they will ultimately reduce the amount of man hours needed to achieve certain goals; for example, answering simple customer service queries and leaving human staff to answer more complicated issues.

And the brands that deliver thoughtfully crafted digital strategy for the faceless interface will be the ones that WIN the battleground for deeper, profitable customer engagement.

This basic form of Chatbots in turn can be altered and programmed to eventually arrive at more intelligent bots that may converse not only on closed domains but an open domain as well, meaning that the user may also give commends outside the actual context.

For instance, when communicating with a news bot it may answer unrelated questions like “how is the weather tomorrow” or “find me red sneakers” as well.https:// News Daily/?

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Chat bots are just one form of artificial intelligence that we’d like to demystify for you.

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coupled with the explosion of messaging apps and growth in artificial intelligence techniques like deep learning, natural language processing, neural networks are fueling the rise of chatbots and conversational interfaces.