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Carlos bernard dating

That's a mutton sandwich of a different color.) As it turned out, Tony's death in season five was a short-lived affair, paving the way for a shocking comeback as a vengeful villain in season seven — and even in that case, Tony's loyalties were flexible.

With Monday's episode of 24: Legacy, Tony has returned to the series from parts unknown for the third time, his appearance in a Blu-ray short notwithstanding.

Everyone said they liked Nina 2.0, but no one really used it. I guess it just rolls off your tongue or something. I mean, at first I was wondering why I was being called a bitch, but then I looked back at those early episodes and I totally had “bitch face.” And when you come from New York, “bitch” isn’t really that bad. So you’re the first person I’ve spoken to from the second season. The cast and crew were discovering how to do something that had never been done before, and no one knew for sure it was going to be picked up for a second season. I know there were a couple of people who went to the Fox site and got really bummed out. A lot of people on the Fox boards blame Leslie Hope for getting raped, for instance. My friends and I all get together and watch it and we completely tear it apart. ” They totally kept all of that stuff in: the winking, the staring, my reactions to her…everything.

Perhaps he felt an air of sadness after finally relinquishing the role he has described as ‘the role of a lifetime’.Tony's second 24 comeback was even more explosive and even more of an event, considering the reason he was gone in the first place: he was dead — but only mostly dead, as Miracle Max might say.(No, not the same Max on the boat at the end of 24's second season.He and the cast of the real-time thriller TV show, which ends after eight years on our screens with a three-hour-long finale later this month, held a wrap party at Los Angeles Boulevard 3 club last night.Sutherland, whose character Jack Bauer, is the only actor to have appeared in all 187 episodes so far shown.

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I hadn’t really had any time to prepare or anything. Honestly, I don’t think they knew what they were going to do. When I first came in to rehearse, I was asking the writers, “Okay, what’s my job? ” And they were like, “You work for Tony, but beyond that we don’t want to get too specific.