Bsd update and kernel source updating

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Part of this requires you to choose a release engineering tag. It is the word RELENG followed by an underscore and the version number.

For example, if your system is running Free BSD 8.1-RELEASE then your release engineering tag is RELENG_8_1. This is my preferred version so I will use this in my examples.

2013-10-16 Live demo in BSD Now Episode 007 | Originally written by TJ for | Last updated: 2014/03/05 NOTE: the author/maintainer of the tutorial(s) is no longer with the show, so the information below may be outdated or incorrect.

Virtualization is a big part of security these days.

This article isn't a comprehensive tutorial that covers every possible situation; rather, it covers the most common situation: updating your source with CVS, building that source code, and installing it on the build machine.

While you could have your own source code repository, or tunnel the whole process through , most users just use this method.

However, on modern hardware with VT-x, the CPU performance has become a lot better.

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The Net BSD Project provides comprehensive documentation on how to upgrade the operating system.

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