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Brendan fehr dating majandra

Shiri starred in all three seasons of the beloved drama as Liz Parker, a high school student who is shot in her family’s local cafe before being saved by her mysterious classmate Max – who turns out to be out of this world. Following the end of the show in 2002 Shiri starred in several short-lived TV shows and poorly received films but in 2013 made her comeback with a controversial guest role in Lena Dunham’s hit HBO drama Girls.She starred as Natalia, a woman who Adam begins to date but who becomes upset when Adam is forceful and degrading towards her in bed.“You look back and just go man, we were really young.” While fans back in the early ’00s didn’t have social media like TV fans today do, they were still just as devoted.

Roswell was Shiri’s breakout role after years appearing in adverts and as a guest star in shows including Beverly Hills 90210 and Xena: The Princess Warrior.But, what you’re probably waiting for, about that one time Brendan Fehr peed his pants on set: It wasn’t actually a dare — he just was feeling lazy and had to go to the bathroom, and Jason Behr said he’d pay him 0 if he did it. “This is the thing — I would’ve punched myself in the face so many times if I could go back in time.” Majandra Delfino says she inadvertently witnessed the incident.“I thought it through like it was actually a good idea,” he says. “I rounded the corner as he was peeing and was like ‘What’s happening?Now: Appleby recently had recurring roles on ‘Girls’ and ‘Franklin and Bash.’ She’s married to chef John Shook, and the pair recently had a baby daughter together.Then: Jason Behr played Max Evans, a human-alien hybrid who, in a previous existence, was the king of an alien planet.

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  1. Even as a kid, I always found it so funny that Kerry was considered the "plain but smart" daughter when, in reality, Amy Davidson is clearly a stunning individual.