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Oh…and get you back into the dating scene too…if you are looking to meet someone new.

(Which is definitely a good idea) Whatever the case may be, it can do wonders to have a Breakup Coach to help you through this who will be there for you, who can give you unbiased advice, and help get your life back on track.

If the breakup is a result of cheating or another kind of betrayal, you may be inclined to express rage or to indulge your deep, dark revenge fantasies, but resist the urge to do so.

There is love out there for you – we just have to get you to a healthy, confident place to be able to attract a great partner into your life who is better suited for you.

There are probably countless reasons why couples split, but in a study asking more than 150 dating couples who had just broken up to write an anonymous essay on "why we broke up," three reasons appeared again and again. Some men (27%) and many women (44%) complained of feeling trapped by their dating partner.

Trina’s breakup BOOST will help heal your heart, find solutions to your relationship problems, get you back in the dating saddle, and help you attract the type of partner you crave! When it’s truly over, there is little to be gained by recounting the faults, failings or flaws of the one you are leaving.Stand firm in your resolve and avoid lengthy discussions, arguments and the long, drawn-out appraisals of all the things that have gone wrong.Many people regret having acted in haste and wish they had given themselves more time to analyze their decision to end a marriage or love affair.Once you have given someone their walking papers, it is unlikely their pride or pain will ever allow them to take you back. Although you likely can’t escape without causing some anger, disappointment or heartache, there are things you can do to make your exit in a graceful and classy way.

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Or maybe you have various other things you want to chat about – I would love to offer my advice on whatever type of issue may be weighing on your mind.

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