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Astrological dating chart

For example, the horse people are compatible with the Tiger, but incompatible with the Rabbit.

Curious about whether you are compatible with your love, parents, friends, relatives, colleagues…? Rooster and Dog → Four Self-punishment Signs (Zi Xing 自刑) Four zodiac signs that create a self-inflicting problem of obstruction include Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Pig.

Read more of this article There’s nothing that makes Cancer feel more alive than relationships -they live to nurture.

So much so, they easily fall in love and will even leave an existing relationship for another if they’re not getting their needs met.

Because their energy is so changeable and because they need their freedom, Geminis can feel restless in love and change partners often.

Here’s how to keep them interested and wanting to stay- even commit – without driving yourself crazy in the process.…

Read more of this article Leos live life in a big way and need a lot of attention.No-one can make Leo laugh so lustily as Sagittarius – and there’s no better playmate for the fun-loving Lion.Really excellent too, in terms of their ability to harmonize with fiery Leo, while also helping it to look at things more objectively, are the logical Air signs GEMINI and LIBRA, spaced by 60° – or next but one – from Leo.In love and other relationships, Taurus is so slow to respond and commit, it seems like reluctance or even dismissal. Once Taurus’ feelings have emerged, they last for very long.Taurus is only fulfilled with a relation that lasts – preferably a lifetime.

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Both Aries and Sagittarius are good compatibility matches for Leo since they share Leo’s passion, enthusiasm and gloriously upbeat outlook on life.