Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior events

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Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior events

I have a Text Area, and a associated Check Box to disable and enable the Text Area (set Enabled(Boolean)), which is used to decide if it is a required field or not.

My problem is that Wicket does not keep the text in the Text Area when it is disabled (set Enabled(false)). How do I keep the value in the Text Area before set Enabled is called on it?

I am able to capture the onchange for the associated textfield with the following code, but the up & down spinner buttons are not triggering the event: ("psb Budget", new Property Model(psb,"psb Budget"), Integer.class); psb Budget.add(new Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior("onchange") ); list Item.add(psb Budget); li.add(new Label("remaining Budget Label", new Model(unallocated Time Map.get(psb)))); Just to make it more difficult on myself, this spinner is contained in a List View as the number of budget items is variable.

I am getting the remaining Budget Label to reflect the changes that are made within the text field, but not the changes made using the spinner buttons!

I am trying to get selected value of dropdownchoice in wicket framework , but i am unable to get it.

When making a choice in the first, the choices in the second are updated using Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior. Could anyone tell me what the recommended way is to unit-test the above case?

(Just like in the Drop Down Choice Example of the "live action" Wicket Examples ( I tried using Wicket Tester with Form Tester but I cannot have the model of the first Drop Down Choice updated as a response to making a selection in it.

This way you make sure it runs after the spinner is initialized (which I guess is the reason why it is not working for you).

To set the markup id there is set Markup Id(String) on Component.

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I need to update the Model serverside, Can I do a AJAX request to update it?

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