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Only New Brunswick, which declined at a rate of -0.5 per cent, showed slower population growth in the past five years.

The most recent census period saw one of the worst rates of growth in the province’s history, in fact the only periods with lower rates were declines of -2.1 per cent between 19 and -0.1 per cent between 19.

RELATED: During this period, Nova Scotia showed an overall positive population growth rate of 0.2 per cent — an increase of approximately 2,000 individuals.

To compare, Nova Scotia’s population growth rate was significantly lower than the national growth rate of five per cent.

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"To take the time to go eat any meal at work is slowly becoming a luxury." Charlebois and his team found that 72 per cent of respondents packed their own work lunches, while 24 per cent either bought their lunches to eat outside or ate at restaurants.

People in Atlantic Canada eat lunch at their desks most often, at almost 50 per cent, the study suggested.

Charlebois said the discrepancy in Atlantic Canada remains "a mystery," although he cited an older population and longer distances to travel as possible factors.Only 36 per cent of Quebecers eat lunch alone, while the figure is 61 per cent in Ontario.When it comes to dinner, Canadians are increasingly turning to ready-made meals or eating out at restaurants, the study found.Nova Scotia also had the second lowest rate of growth in the country during last census period between 20 at 0.9 per cent. As one might expect, Halifax’s growth rate was a little more optimistic but still slower than other metropolitan areas.From 2011 to 2016, Halifax’s population increased by 3.3 per cent, moderately lower than its 4.7 per cent growth during the previous five years.

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