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All these parameters should be configured in the file.

By default, server logs and traces are stored in and files under the $ORACLE_HOME/network/trace directory.

When data is transferred between an OCI client application and a database table, the OCI libraries convert the data between internal data types and .

External types provide a convenience for the programmer by making it possible to work with host language types instead of proprietary data formats.In this diagram, a state is represented by a circle, and the transition between states is indicated by directed lines (or arcs) connecting the circles.An example of a state diagram is shown in Figure 3 below.There are several ways to trace SQL*net connections, and here is how to do a SQL*net trace for both a SQL*Net client trace and server SQL*Net tracing: By default, trace on UNIX systems is written to $ORACLE_HOME/network/trace/sqlnet.trc, and log is written to file under the same directory.On the server side, log and trace destinations can be defined with the following parameters: .

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The next state shows the states of flip-flops after the clock pulse, and the output section lists the value of the output variables during the present state.

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