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Writing up a list of possible suspects, Ackland gets sucked into a deadly cat-and-mouse game to try to draw the killer out - resulting in the death of one of Sun Hill's best officers.Feature length rebroadcast of the episodes "Fire", "All Tucked Up" and "Bait" from Series 11Assistant Commissioner Hicks has declared Sun Hill Police Station an alcohol-free zone – terrible news for Brownlow and Conway who had hoped to enjoy a "liquid lunch" when taking him to a posh French restaurant. You’ve become overwhelmed by the options that you now have And as such, you’ve been known to give someone completely lovely the cold shoulder in case ‘something better’ came along. You can, at times, be flirt-chatting with around eight different people You cannot possibly be into to all of them. Now, however, if they pick a wrong filter you’re just like – BYE. So you’ll just go in your work clothes to the nearest pub to the tube. You can’t remember the last time you went on a date with someone you hadn’t met online Go on, try to remember. You’ve got far too used to the amount of options at your fingertips. And you’re playing Tinder like Candy Crush so you’ve got 12 options every week to explore. You’ve become fickle – come on – admit it Five years ago you would have never physically moved a girl or guy to one side because you didn’t like their name or a particular face they pulled. You’ve become lazy when it comes to the actual dates You’re going on, like, a million a month. You’ve been known to look at your dating apps whilst the date you are with is in the toilet If you’ve done this, it’s time to hit the delete button.When leprechauns visit, they love to pull pranks and tricks. From green bath water to green hair, here are some hilarious ideas for The leprechauns might try to trick you, by putting mint Oreos in a regular Oreo package! But thanks to the new online dating landscape, the language of love has gotten a whole lot more complicated. You’ve become a pro at the ‘Tinder chat’ and you know exactly what question is going to come next It’s like Cilla Black’s ‘what’s your name, and where do you come from?

Just a warning, leprechauns are VERY difficult to catch.It’s usually a result of them being too afraid to tell you they don’t want to take things any further.“One moment you are flirting back and forth after a handful of dates, the next you are checking your phone incessantly, bewildered at why this person you had a connection with has so abruptly dropped off the face of the earth.” Slow Fade Similar to ghosting, this is a more drawn-out version, “where someone you are chatting to or seeing gradually cuts you off, making less and less effort with being in touch.” Thirst Trap This term is most commonly used to describe a social media photo that's posted to intentionally create attention.And often, that pressure can lead to depression, anxiety, or, your fall into one of the dating “traps.” In this blog, I list 12 dating traps that one can be easily entangled in.* These dating traps are not my own; they come from notes on a lesson during a course on Marriage & Counseling, while studying at Oral Roberts University.

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SCARCITY TRAPAfter reading these dating traps, you might be wondering, “so how do I not fall into one of these traps? For a start, read this post on 5 questions to ask, before dating & proposing to someone.